About Us

Who We Are

2020 has becomea defining year of the 2010- 20 decade with the outbreak of COVID 19. With lockdowns and social distancing to keep everyone safe, the number of individuals deemed safe to assemble in a single spot has reduced from thousands to hundreds, to ten and restricted the movement of people across the places. This brought huge changes in every aspect ofthe life of individuals, especially in shopping practices. From kids to elders are choosing online platforms to buy essential things. Online shopping is not a novelty anymore. Infinite Market Whale LLP is proudly launching an all item online delivery app- ISZYBY with the vision of making shopping easier during these pandemic times as well as helping retailers to sell their products adapting to the new changes in the behaviour of customers.

Infinite Market Whale LLP is a rising organization with a developing brand in the area of offering from health care products to online delivery that helps you to simplify your needs. We would like to serve our clients in a satisfying way with our products and services.Our aim is to attain maximum customer satisfaction and thereby acquiring the loyalty of our clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to being the backbone of local merchants and restaurants and ensuring the safety and convenience of the customers. ISZYBY can simply be a perfect partner and act as an online platform for shopping and delivery. The vision is to convert all local vendors in India to a digital platform.

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